Switching to Air Conditioning from having a swamp cooler is amazing. You wonder why you took so long to make the jump. The only issue that comes up is now, what are we going to do with the old swamp cooler? You could paint it the same color of the house and see if it blends in. You could make an antenna out of it and bring in conversations from different worlds. You could just leave the darn thing sitting on top of your home until it finally rusts away.

Bright Concepts has a better solution. We will take that old swamp cooler off your house and take something ugly and bring natural light into your home. You are not the only person who finds themselves in this position. Every week we solve this problem for many of our customers. We will take the swamp cooler off your home and take it away (unless for some reason you want to keep it). We remove the curbing surrounding the swamp cooler, take out all the duct work in the attic and in the swamp coolers place we place either a 160DS (10") or a 290DS (14") Solatube Daylighting System.

Bright Concepts never does an okay job, we never "just make it fit". We are professionals who take pride in everything we do!

The pricing is as follows; the 160DS (10") Solatube starts at $610. The 290DS (14'') Solatube starts at $740. This comes with enough extension tubes to cover up to 6 (six) feet of attic space. To remove the swamp cooler, curbing, duct work and put the roof back to it's original condition is $500. This does not include the sheet rock price. If the swamp cooler has already been removed the price drops to $450. Again, this does not include the sheet rock price. But we have the best sheet-rocker in the business! We will remove the vent, patch and texture the ceiling for $200 (sorry, we don't paint).

The total price for the 160DS (10'') is $1310.00 - this includes installation, labor and taxes. If the swamp cooler has already been removed the price is $1260.00.     

The total price for the 290DS (14") is $1440.00 - this includes installation, labor and taxes. If the swamp cooler has already been removed the price is $1390.00.


1. Can we have the ceiling patched instead? A. Yes of course. We have a company we use who will patch the hole for about $200. They will match the texture of the ceiling but will not paint. Or, you can you use someone else to patch.

2. Why can't you just put a cover over the hole on the roof and put the Solatube in its place? A. We could, but we would never know if there is any damage left from the swamp cooler. We are thorough and refuse to "just make it work" There is a 10 year warranty on our installation and we couldn't warranty work like that.

3. Why do you remove the duct work in the attic? Can't you just put the tubing inside the duct work? A. No, there would be an issue with condensation and moisture leaking into the attic.

4. Could we get this done cheaper somewhere else? A. I'm sure you could. You can always find something cheaper somewhere. Remember, our installers are licensed contractors that work exclusively for Bright Concepts. They are certified by Solatube for the training they received in CA. Our work is the best in the business and we stand behind our work 100%.

Your home is the best and biggest investment  you have. You get exactly what you pay for in this business. You buy cheap and you get cheap. Why would you do that for the home your family lives in?

Since 2005 we have installed over 3500 Solatube products. Don't take our word for it, call us and we will give you references on all the work we do.

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