Did you recently upgrade to central air? Do you still have the old swamp cooler? Did you have the cooler removed and "Capped"?

Having a hard time finding help? Let us help!!! 

Bright Concepts can remove that old swamp cooler AND bring natural lighting or attic ventilation into your home. 

We haul away numerous swamp coolers, weekly! (Unless you have plans to keep it) We remove the curbing surrounding the swamp cooler, take out all the duct work in the attic, followed by placing either a 160DS (10") or a 290DS (14") Solatube Daylighting System or SolarStar Attic Ventilation System with light drywalling to complete the installation. (Sorry we don't paint.)

Bright Concepts never does "Okay" or "just makes it fit."  This is your home and possibly your biggest asset! We take that seriously. We are certified professionals who take pride in the quality we provide, in everything we do! 


Installing a Solatube Daylighting or SolarStar Attic Ventilation System, where the swamp cooler once was, is not a simple task and will require us to schedule you for the entire day! It is the preferred option of most of our customers. Not only does it add the benefit of natural lighting, a Solatube can help reduce the electric bill. The Solatube bringing in that natural lighting during the day, electric lights are off. That means no energy consumption in that area. Solatubes also have insignificant heat gain, so air conditioning or heating are not affected. In fact, the electric lights a Solatube displaces add more heat to a room then a Solatube. Alternatively, more heat would be lost through a small closed window.

SolarStar Attic Ventilation Systems supress heat buildup in warm climates. This radiant heat forces your air conditioner to work harder and triggers highter utility costs. In the cold climate, prevents ice damming. In a poorly ventilated attic, heat can build up causing snow on your roof to melt and flow to the colder eaves where it refreezes. As ice accumulates, a dam is formed that prevents water from draining properly intil it begins to seep under shingles, spawning roof leaks and structural decay. Drive out heat and moisture with SolarStar Products. 


Frequently asked questions: 

  1. Can we have the ceiling patched instead?        Yes of course. We do have a company recommendation we use who will patch the "hole" for aprox. $200. They will match the texture of the ceiling but will not paint, if that is all you are looking to have done. 
  2. Why can't you just put a cover over the hole or cap it on the roof and put the Solatube in it's place?      We could, but the potential of any damage left from the swamp cooler is not the quality of work we can guarantee. We choose to be thorough and refuse to "just make it work!" With our 10 year parts and labor warranty, on all our installations, quality is our first priority. Therefore, we don't even carry or provide roof caps. 
  3. Why do you remove the duct work in the attic? Cant you just put the tubing inside the duct work?     No, there would be an issue with condensation and moisture leaking into the attic. 
  4. Could we get this done cheaper somewhere else?    We are sure you could. Actually, of course you could! You can always find services cheaper somewhere else. We always advise our customers to do their research, ask questions and feel confident in who provides services to their home. Don't be afraid to ask what type of coverage they carry. Do they have General Liability Insurance? Do they carry Worker's Compensation Insurance? Do they have any sort of Contractor Bonding in place? Are they Licensed? Are they a member of the local Better Business Bureau? Do they provide an actual written warranty?        

Our CIC/Installer's are licensed Roofing Contractors AND Certified Installation Consultants (Extensive trainings conducted in California) that work exclusively for Bright Concepts. They are certified by Solatube for that extensive CIC training they received, to further ensure that the patented technology and quality that comes with the Solatube name brand, will be properly installed. Along with each and every one of the coverage questions we advise to ask, above! 

Your home is possibly one of the best and biggest investments you might have. 

We ask anyone who might be unsure to do  their research. See what's out there. Know what to ask! Ask questions and feel confident with any decision you decide to make! In the meantime, we are happy to answer any questions you might have. Give us a call! (801) 566-1264

***Since 2005 we have installed over 4000 Solatube products. Don't take our word for it, call us and we will give you references on all the work we do****

Let Us Show You What Quality Looks Like backed by our 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty!