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We are just like you - consumers who are looking for innovative ways to light and power our homes with methods that are economical and environmentally friendly. There are rooms in our homes that can benefit from more light, and what better source than natural light from the sun! Our attics need a way to vent the build-up of heat and moisture (every attic's worst enemy). What better source of power for an attic fan than Solar Power! We decided right form the start we would sell only high quality products that really do deliver what the manufacturer stated. We will continue to search for exceptional products in hopes of making them available to you.

Our commitment to you and ourselves is simple; all of the products sold by BRIGHT CONCEPTS LLC will be those of the highest quality and perform to the highest standards in the industry. Those that don't meet our standards, regardless of cost, will never be for sale at BRIGHT CONCEPTS LLC. As we bring on new products, rest assured our commitment to you and ourselves will always be to provide the best quality products.

When it comes to Customer Service, our aim is to always exceed your expectations. Our installers are licensed contractors and certified by Solatube® International, so you know the job will be done right the first time. We offer free in-home consultations, useful design assistance as well as friendly and punctual service. We pride ourselves on the most important areas of Customer Service...WE LISTEN, WE PERFORM TO YOUR HIGHEST STANDARDS AND WE FOLLOW THROUGH!




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